One of the aims  of Sporte Avis is to create opportunity not only for the athletes, but also for young persons who have an avid interest in sports, whether it be through writing, commentary, photography or otherwise.

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Do you have a passion for writing, and sports and want to mesh the two together?

Become a contributor. It’s simple! Think of what you want to write and get to it. You can follow the latest sports news in your island and write articles on them, write original pieces about issues affecting sports in your island, or you can interview a promising young athlete who you want to receive exposure. Please remember to attach quality images with your submission and also remember to quote your references. Submit your pieces to us at and we will confirm within six (6) hours whether your story is approved!

You do not have to feel left out if you’re a photographer or videographer. You can submit your images and video clips from sporting events to us and we will share with our audience. Of course, you will receive full credit and we will direct our audience to your social media pages.

How do you benefit?

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  • Your work will be seen by persons from across the Eastern Caribbean, and beyond. Great opportunities can arise is your work is seen by the right people.
  • The experiences that you develop will be priceless. You will receive constant feedback from readers on how to improve your skill.
  • You will become part of the Sporte Avis Network in the OECS, and develop some wonderful friendships.
  • You will be contributing to our movement, which is to help promote and create opportunities for our young people in sports.
  • Having the experience of contributing towards a regional sports platform will be great for your CV, and will undoubtedly help when applying for employment, and especially school. We will be glad to give you a reference!

So, the ball is in your court. You can begin today! Remember to spread the word if you know of someone who may also be interested. This opportunity is open to citizens of all the member states of the OECS. We especially encourage youth between the ages of 16 and 30 to grab the opportunity, but it is available to everyone!
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Email us at; message us via facebook at or whatsapp us at  1 758 728 0259. Please see the excerpt below if you want to learn more about Sporte Avis and what we do, or if you just want to leave a comment.

What is Sporte Avis?


Sporte Avis is on the brink of revolutionizing the sporting landscape and culture in Saint Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean. There exists no medium in the islands dedicated to full-fledged sports coverage, community sports developments, school sporting activities, rising stars in various sporting disciplines and monitoring the progression of budding Saint Lucian talent to internationally acclaimed sporting giants. Sporte Avis will resolve what has been for generations a sore point in our history, by recognizing outstanding Eastern Caribbean sportsmen and sports women, immortalizing them in written text and visual material via its various platforms. Most importantly the Sporte Avis endeavors to inculcate a culture that celebrates sports as a culture and lifestyle and as an essential part of everyday life and not occasional periods of the year.

The main objectives of Sporte Avis are as follows:

  1. To increase exposure for young sporting talent both home and abroad. Sporte Avis recognizes that our athletes don’t receive the exposure that they deserve, and will therefore devise methods to help promote them.
  1. To provide greater motivation to aspiring athletes in the Eastern Caribbean. We hope to broaden their minds on the numerous opportunities for self-development which exists, both home and abroad. This is especially true of our ‘Athletes Abroad’ feature.
  1. To help develop other sports enthusiasts into becoming all rounded citizens who can contribute meaningfully in any field. We hope to nurture sports writers in developing their journalistic prowess, and provide a platform for photographers, graphic designers, commentators and administrators to showcase their ability.
  1. To galvanize national support for sports, by helping to create a buzz in every corner of Eastern Caribbean, for every sporting event. Sporte Avis has recognized the importance of support in the development of sports, and as such, we hope to help create excitement among citizens, which will ultimately help propel our athletes to heights never before realized.
  1. To keep audience updated on all sporting activity across the OECS region.
  1. To promote sports as a key development tool across the member states. Opportunities do exist for persons to use sport as a career and to contribute to the economic development of their countries. It is the aim of Sporte Avis to ensure that this is realized.
  1. To strengthen the integration movement by creating networks across the OECS member states with individuals who have the same goal as Sporte Avis.
  1. To help instill a culture of not just nationalism, but one of regionalism. Through sports, we hope to create a culture where people recognize and support athletes from the various member states as their own.
  1. To act as a voice for athletes, sports personalities and sports enthusiasts in the region, by providing them with a platform to share their views and stories.


Nyus Alfred
Chief Editor

Yanoi Fevrier
Creative Director

Ronaldo Degazon

Kevel Polius

Miguel Duplessis

Kamathe Daniel
Field Correspondent

Romario Lendor
Regional Football Correspondent

Nicholas Valiyatharayil
Health and Fitness Writer