Budokai Karate Dojo Receives Helping Hand from Children of Helen Alliance Inc.


On Thursday 7th September 2017, Budokai Karate Dojo moved one step closer to fulfilling a 20 plus year dream of enhancing the dojo flooring with Tatamis. The helping hand came from Children of Helen Alliance Inc., incorporated on December 20th, 2010 as a non-profit organization. The organization was founded by civic minded Saint Lucian residents in Palm Beach, Florida. The purpose of the organization is to make positive contributions to the communities through education, social and cultural avenues. To date, Children of Helen Alliance Inc. has awarded 25 scholarships to high school students in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties. An annual school supply and bag drive, providing care packages to the elderly, feeding the homeless, assisting in other worthy causes and keeping the Saint Lucia culture alive are a few highlights the group has contributed in accordance to its said goal.

The assistance provided to Budokai Dojo was a first for Children of Helen Inc. in supporting such sporting disciplines. Ms Estherlita Cumberbatch the representative for the local Chapter highlighted the importance of Karate and its significant contribution towards youth, sporting and social development. The Charitable Organization presented a cheque in the amount of USD$500.00. In the moment when karate will be making its debut at 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan, elevating the performance of our karatekas is of paramount importance. During the check presentation, both Sensei Victor Dudley (4th Dan – SKIF Japan) and Sempai Karim Sifflet (2nd Dan – SKIF Japan) recalled their separate recent experience at the 3rd Caribbean Karate Federation Championships in Suriname of July 2017 and the 31st Pan-American Karate Federation Senior Championships in Curacao of May 2017. Their individual experience shared a familiar observation that is the competition rings’ surface were covered with World Karate Federation (WKF) approved Tatamis and how other countries have obtained such coverings to elevated their training.

Sensei Dudley emphasized that training on Tatamis in this modern day of karate is not a luxury but it is a necessity. Adding to that Sempai Sifflet mentioned likewise with other sporting disciplines such as football and cricket need a playing surface that meets competition standards, the same must be applied to karate if one has any desire of elevating their performance to meet international standards.

Budokai Karate Dojo was founded by Sensei Victor Dudley in February 1994, located in Corinth and is an affiliate of Shotokan Karate International – Saint Lucia and Karate-Do Federation Saint Lucia. The management team of Budokai Karate Dojo would like to express its deepest thanks to Children of Helen Alliance Inc., Mrs Anastasia Fevriere, Ms Estherlita Cumberbatch and Mr Sean Anthony for their gracious support.


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