Castries Football Council Youth League Kicks Off

The Castries Football Council (CFC) is set to kick off its 9th annual Youth League this weekend at the SAB playing facility. Like last year the CFC decided to host its premier youth the tournament during the first school term in order to accommodate the many players who travel during the summer period. This year’s tournament will include five age groups; Under 11, Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19. The Under 11 should be a highly competitive age group as many of these players featured in the Pee Wee age group in last’s year tournament. While their matches last year were exhibition matches with no scores or results being recorded this year they will compete for medals and trophies.

The participating teams are the following CFC affiliates Flow Lancers FC, FC Pioneers, Sunrisers FC, Valley Soccer Academy, VSADC.

The 2017 CFC Youth League kicks off on Saturday 7th October at the SAB Playing Facility from 9:00 am with an opening ceremony and match pass of teams. Teams will move straight into competition with matches being held in the U11, U15 and U19 age groups. These age groups will play on Saturdays while the U13 and U17 will play on Sundays.

All matches will be played at the SAB Playing Facility, parents and football enthusiasts are encouraged to come out to support the next generation of footballers.


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