Exclusive: FSU’s Terance Mann Making St Lucia Proud

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sportTerance isn`t an “all man for himself” kind of guy. When he dribbles at seemingly, and somewhat mystifyingly lightning speed on the court, he isn’t a solo star, neither can one classify him as another “ball-hogger”. Each play, each move, and each pass made by Terance is executed not only with strategical precision, but also for the betterment of the team.

Terance Mann’s spirit of togetherness and concordance is not only seen on the basketball arena with his fellow team-members. With his St. Lucians roots etched on his heart, he strives to make his fellow Lucians, and by extension, his Caribbean people proud of their offspring.

Despite the fact that Terance was born and raised in the United States, he shares a deep connection with his St.Lucian roots because his relatives are St. Lucians. His patriotism invigorates and encourages him to become an internationally renown basketballer. Mann also affirms that if his team makes it to the final 4 in the NCAA tournament, he vows to wear the St.Lucian flag on his back as an emblem of his national pride. This has the added effect of motivating other Caribbean athletes to pursue their dreams in their respective sports, since he would be a testament to the fact that regardless of nationality, anyone can make it to the top in their given sport.

His basketball skills are continuously evolving as he becomes more aggressive on the court. This passionate basketball player is able to effectively knock down shots and baskets with precision and ease. His mother, Daynia La Force, head coach of the women`s basketball team at Rhode Island, is a secondary source of Mann`s success because she was able to show him the ropes / ‘tricks of the trade’ from a very early age. As a result, this helped create Mann`s high basketball IQ which is beneficial for the Seminoles Basketball Team in Florida. This team is like a family for Terance and his cooperation with them has led the team to be ranked #17 in the US and #2 in the ACC thus far. Mann is so passionate about his sport that he uses his summer time to fine-tune his basketball skills. In this regard, one can consider him to be a silent killer with his high basketball IQ and explosive basketball talent as he is able to effectively use his 6 feet 6 inches of figure to fulfil his position on the team as a guard.  Mann has strategically analysed his performance in basketball and improved on his free-throw skills. He stated that from last year to this year, his free throw shooting went from 50% to 70%. ESPN ranked Mann in the top 100 of the best college basketball players. Mann`s college basketball career high includes scoring 22 points (FSU vs Virginia Tech , Jan 7th , 2017), 10 rebounds ( FSU vs Florida , Dec 11th , 2016) and 4 steals ( FSU vs Nicholls State, November 15th, 2015).

Outside of the court, Terance Mann busies himself with his academics. He is currently pursuing a BSc in Sports Management with a minor in Business. He believes that if he pursues this pathway, he could become a coach in the future for a college basketball team.

Mann admits that his biggest challenge in both his sports and academic career is his time management. He understands that it is fundamental part of being a successful athlete, but also as well as a student. He knows that there should be time set aside for the various aspects of his life, such as knowing when to go to the gym, and how long to study at the library can make major differences to his prosperity.

Terance believes that family should be one’s top priority. It’s what drives him to strive for excellence and what motivates him to never give up. Since his family is of St. Lucian descent, the notion of knowing that his people are counting on him to make his nation known to the world, constantly motivates him to become a better player. He dreams of a day where he can return to his St. Lucian soil and be greeted with a crowd cheering in his honour. Of course, Mann desires to use his possible celebrity status to the country’s youth advantage. Also, he plans on making elite-sporting facilities for youth so that basketball could be further developed in St. Lucians.

For Mann, respect is a major facet in getting far ahead in the future and also by putting in the necessary work and effort to get where you want to go. Mann`s advice to young aspiring athletes is a page from which you can steal as well.

“Respect goes a long way , if you respect somebody they will respect you back. The first time you meet somebody be respectful because you never know when you’re going to need them one day. Be really respectful and keep dreaming! Don’t run away from your dreams because you think it might not happen, do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.  Always work hard in your sport, whatever sport it may be. Whatever you play, always work hard and be respectful to the people who are teaching you how to play the sport and you will go a long way,” Mann advised.

Also, Mann`s teammate Xavier Rathan-Mayes shared with us his opinion on Terance`s contribution to the Seminoles basketball team.

According to Rathan-Mayes, “He brings energy to our team and he is our glue guy. He is always positive every day and keeps us reminded of the positive things that we need to do to win.”

Furthermore, Terance wishes that more of his college basketball games would be aired in the Caribbean so that his country would be able to follow the matches.

St.Lucia, look out for #14 Seminoles , Florida State University.



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